66 Genius Ways to Store Bath Towels

Don’t let your bathroom go bare with all those old towels; do something really creative with your DIY house decor and use bath towel storage ideas. Bathroom decor is very important, as it reflects the style of your home. After you have cleaned the toilet and dried the wash cloths, you can hang your empty bath towels on the wall. You can make a real statement in your bathroom decor with a stylish bathroom curtain and a stunning wall hanging of your favorite photos or pictures.

If you have a window that faces the street, you can add a very unique DIY bathroom decor for your bathroom. It can be simple and tasteful but you should really know how to make the window look attractive. You can add a plain glass sink, a framed mirror and a cabinet for a cleaner look. For more sophistication, you can add elegant fixtures and a modern sink with a cup holder. Your new shower curtain would also be very stylish with a sophisticated mirror, faucet and wallpaper.

A classic design for a bathroom is to have an en-suite bathroom with a shower enclosure, a walk-in shower with a bath towel holder and even some hardware for a basin. These are quite expensive but there are affordable DIY bathroom decoration ideas that will be very appealing.

You can easily save space by using the latest window treatments and DIY furniture for your bathroom. You could also purchase DIY curtain stands which can add extra space to your bathroom decor. They would save your money, since you can use the excess curtain to cover a window.

Use new and colorful towels to add a little pizazz to your bathroom. Try to keep it simple and not complicate it. You should try to decorate your bathroom decoration creatively and sensibly.

The smart way is to start off with a clean, simple look so that you can add more art and style to your bathroom after you are fully comfortable with the look. Get ideas from magazines or home decorating catalogues.

Start with a shower enclosure, get a cabinet to put your towels, read magazines or browse for house decorating ideas for your bathroom. Add a few artistic pieces like mirrors, picture frames, ceramics and glass vases. If you want your bath towel storage ideas to be more creative, get creative and you can even learn to do it yourself.

The easiest way to get your bathroom theme started is to start with a quick DIY design project. This will not only save you time but will also give you lots of ideas to work with. You could consider some simpler ideas such as hanging towels to dry them or using them as a work area. Most of all, think about using fresh towels on your walls to add a bit of freshness.