75 Little Girl’s Dream of Pink Butterfly Bedroom and Rainbow Playroom

Today I’ve found a little girl’s dream of a Pink Butterfly Bedroom & Rainbow Playroom would make a great bed-sit theme for the girl’s Little Girls Bedroom. Let’s take a look at some Pink Little Girl Bedroom Ideas… (I personally love themes which include butterflies) – But you know what, she might be into pink instead of beige.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change in nature as well as a symbol of life, so her room could have a full-size butterfly sculpture as a centerpiece. You could decorate it to look like a butterfly painting or perhaps a butterfly drawing on the wall. She would get a butterfly-inspired bedding set in pink.

If the girls have a twin bed, a window would be a very good idea. Put some decorative floral pendants on the window-sill or tie flower petals around it. If she has a guest room for her sister, and they share the bedroom, then include a picture of them in the same dress from the last time they shared the room together. Another idea would be a vintage Japanese print for a runner that hangs in the doorway. If her little sister’s bedroom is dark, they could put a pink light bulb on the mantle-hook.

Many girls today would rather have a pink nursery than a plain bedroom. In the Pink Dream Bedroom a pink marble statue with a ribbon around it would be a nice addition. A photo of pink flowers would add a bit of romance to the room.

Many girls want to try a fantasy setting but there are few words that can accurately describe a dream home decor. Let’s try talking about fantasy and color, as that is the core of Pink Little Girl’s Home Decor.

Dream Baby Bedding would be nice but not necessary. Pink is the color of Summer and this year would be the hottest. It would be a fun idea to bring a picture of summer flowers to the bedroom to hang in the shower. Another idea would be to have a pink kids’ book/movie/TV/DVD theme and just think of it as entertainment in your pink bedroom!

Pink Home Decor could also include a pink television, pink cribs and play sets, pink comforters, etc. This would be ideal for the Pink Dream Bedroom. All of these items would need to match so you may have to order the pink furniture (see “Make-A-Bed” above).

These are the basics of Pink Girls Bedroom Ideas and you can incorporate other things like stuffed animals or pink animals (like a panda). Have fun!