77 Finding Decor Ideas For a Small Farmhouse Guest Bathroom

A Bathroom Shelf is something that you can add to your bathroom that will bring some character and style to your home. These small pieces of furniture are more than just for storage; they can be added as accents to help spruce up the room and make it more visually appealing. In this article, I’ll discuss a few unique and creative decor ideas for a small farmhouse half bath in your home.

Bathroom furniture that is made from reclaimed wood like the wood grain design on this one, will add character and flair to any bathroom. Using it with a simple wash basin and a basin with a bench and side pull-out sink, you will create a very relaxing and rustic look. You can also find this same look on a vintage tumbled wall made from reclaimed barnwood. It has just the right look for a small farmhouse guest bathroom.

Bathroom Furniture that is made of wood, stone, wicker, metal or resin should be avoided. While these types of wood may look beautiful and add to the appearance of your home, they are not made to last and have an imperfect finish that does not age well. Some types of metal or resin may appear nice, but they can become rusty and warped over time.

Glass is another material that should be avoided. It can chip, crack and break easily. The same goes for mosaic tiles. If you choose to use it, look for a quality one made of recycled glass. Many times these can be found at discount stores and flea markets.

Rustic and old style materials are always a good way to add character and detail to your home. While stainless steel and solid woods can be great, there is nothing quite like having a wood or resin finish that can add texture and appeal to any area. Remember, the antique look adds character and style to your home. As such, avoid anything with clear coat as that will have a matte and unappealing finish.

Try adding ceramic vases, doilies and decorative towels in your bath. This is a classic Victorian style that is pleasing to the eye. Look for decorative bath rugs in colors such as tan, tan brown, eggshell, grey and black.

Painting a white tub and a light-colored shower curtain with neutral color, will add some color and life to your space. It can also help to bring your bath to life when there is little light. You can also mix up a basic neutral color with darker trim.

Choosing the right accent pieces for your small farmhouse guest bathroom is the first step in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. If you want to use an old rustic barn bathroom as an extension of your home, you can find inspiration for barns in many places, including old photos and woodworking patterns. This particular cottage design is perfect for the smaller of homes or guest bathrooms.