72 Genius Design & Storage Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

In this article, I will show you some great ideas for incorporating great, small bathroom design and storage into your home. If you are like me, your bathroom may appear empty to you but when you go inside your little closet, there is bound to be many treasures of all shapes and sizes.

There is no perfect place for everything but what can’t be stored there can be organized better. One place that people like to keep things they can’t fit in their small bathroom is in their closets. If you don’t have a closet, why not add one. You don’t have to buy one, you can make it look like one.

If you’re the type of person who is always looking for new ways to save space, here’s clutter-free tips for storage. Don’t give up on your friends and family. Organize them in your bathroom, put your favorite items on display, and if you need to remove an item from your bathroom, toss it on your bed or in the closet. Use that room for sleeping, doing laundry or other small necessities that are rarely used.

One way to get things organized is to get a free-standing mirror. As long as you have enough mirrors, you can change the direction of the lighting on the vanity table in order to illuminate each corner of the room.

The Peach Bathroom Shower Curtain is a popular choice for shower curtains because of its versatility. Because of its edgy styling, you can use it for other rooms such as the walk-in closet.

An important part of a great bathroom design is having the proper light. Having the right kind of lighting is essential to prevent your guests from becoming nervous when they enter your home. You can purchase more than one type of ceiling lighting to allow different kinds of moods to flow throughout the room.

A floor standing mirror can work in conjunction with a vanity table, it also gives you more places to hang a bathroom shower curtain or a hand towel holder. You can have the mirror hanging behind a cabinet, a curio cabinet, or even under a pull out dresser or other furniture in your bathroom.

These are just a few of the great little ideas for your small bathroom. Use them to create a space for your whole family in which to relax, pamper themselves, and feel pampered!