75 College Dorm Furniture Sets – Give Your Dorm The Fits With the “How to Create a Cute Vsco Room”

When you want to create a special space for your college dorm room, VSCO Room Ideas: How to Create a Cute Vsco Room is what you need. This is an affordable bedding set that incorporates modern and eclectic touches to create a unique and interesting college dorm decor, giving you a real sense of having a “real” dorm room to hang out in!

The most noticeable thing about the VSCO is the name – it has that cute Vsco Room Ideas: How to Create a Cute Vsco Room. The bed sets have that “cutie” image from the mascot of the University of California – the Golden Bears, a popular campus team. It would not be surprising to see a person or couple in their college dorm hallway with the visor on their head, cheering on their favorite team!

Another standout feature of the VSCO set is the rich bold colors. Even the room decorations use bright, contrasting colors that give the room a really cohesive feel. For example, the bed frame and bed pad both contain bold orange accents. You could use them to build a warm, cozy feel within the room, if you want, or you could use them as the primary colors of the room, depending on your tastes.

The coordinating wall decor, featuring an Art Wall Bed and Art Wall Sheets, also add to the overall feel of the VSCO. They compliment each other, as a classic combination, and they are fairly easy to incorporate into your college dorm decor, no matter how you wish to design it. The two add texture and fun to any college dorm room, giving it that fresh new feeling!

The “ultimate” feature of this set, however, is the great features that the fabric has. It is a true classic, and the vibrant colors that the fabric has will really jump out and “wow” your friends when they see it! Plus, the fabrics are a blend of cotton and polyester, so it is durable and soft on the skin. It really makes the best of any room in your college dorm.

This is not just a set to use as a bed and a decorative piece in your college apartment bedroom. The bedding set is very versatile, as it can be used in other areas of your college dorm room, especially those areas where there is limited or no wall space.

For example, a large person can lay down and stretch with the comforter, creating a nice, comfortable bed, or you can use it as a sort of small desk, at night time activities or while studying at home. It is just right for any number of purposes!

With all the different styles and fabrics that are available, the VSCO gives you plenty of options for your college dorm room. This is one of the best College Dorm Furniture Sets available today, and it gives you all the benefits of a high-quality bed set in a low-cost way!