68 A Great Room Decor Idea for Your Teen

When the school year is coming to a close, it’s time to put all those pictures on the wall into a stack of pictures and paper. These can be fun school or group pictures to hang in your child’s room, and with new Polaroid photos to choose from you can keep them pretty much forever. Younger kids will love the colorful pictures that come with the new Polaroid cameras, and adults will be impressed by all the amazing views and settings of a new Polaroid photo.

Once you have all of your new pictures you can add a second story in your children’s room. Children love to walk through the halls of their home holding one of their own Polaroid pictures from when they were little. Have some big ones on the wall, as well as smaller ones that are meant to fit on a wall.

Create some patterns by hanging two or three big pictures on one wall. If your children aren’t afraid of walls, try using the sliding wall mount. This works best if your walls have a lot of painting on them, because they are sure to be extra careful when walking through these walls. This works especially well with hanging pictures of friends and family who live near you.

You can also make your rooms larger by adding more wall space to your big picture wall ideas for teens. Your children will surely love to see what they look like in all their clothing! Maybe even add more than one photo to one wall, for a complete photo show of themselves.

In addition to creating a big picture wall ideas for teens you may want to add to your bedroom by adding more beds. Kids like to get dressed up and show off in front of the mirror in their closet. You can take some of the old drawers and add something that is at least half way comfortable, while creating more room in your kids rooms.

When you have your children come in to talk about how their new pictures are going, they will be sure to open their jewelry boxes. Allow them to touch these little gems that bring back happy memories. You can choose the right stones for the perfect touch that will go well with their room and the wonderful prints that they will take home.

Start playing with your new pictures when you allow your child to help you decide which one will be their favorite. When you ask the question to select your favorite picture of yourself you can use the new Polaroid camera. Be creative and use their picture on the floor, on the wall, or anywhere else that is appropriate. It’s also good to show the entire family, so they can see each other in all their glory.

Of course, no matter how you choose to use your new pictures you should be sure to give them a safe place to hang them. Your kids will love the way your room looks and how much they can imagine what they look like in their current clothes.