75 Lakehouse Bedroom – Contemporary Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is a style of interior design that can be said to have begun in the early seventeenth century in Denmark. This style consists of clean lines, subtle color palette, and occasional use of complex geometrical patterns. This type of design tends to be minimalist in nature and works with both bare walls and wooden paneling. The walls are generally covered with simple panels of light, solid color such as cream or ivory.

Scandinavian interior design does not adhere to strict rules of symmetry and rectilinear design. For example, the traditional Norwegian fireplace is one way to achieve this effect. Often the clean lines are used to create a more rustic appearance. This lack of symmetry can be somewhat distracting and some people prefer a more symmetrical design. When it comes to kitchens and bedrooms the overall color scheme is muted with a minimum of patterns or art.

The amount of natural light that enters a room will vary depending on where a person lives and how the design of the room is set up. One place that is particularly well suited for Scandinavian designs is the kitchen. The rooms of a Lakehouse Bedroom are decorated in a similar way and the tables and chairs all sit on curved areas of basic color such as light brown or cream. In the bedroom the light colors will include off white or off pink. Here a bright accent color can be used in combination with blue or green to create a very modern feel.

The color scheme used in the bedroom has a similar effect to that found in a living room. For example, the lighter colors are generally placed on the walls and black or dark gray may be used for the furniture. The bedroom can be referred to as a ‘kitchen in the house’ as both the floor and the bed can be used for storage and also for sleeping.

A Lakehouse Bedroom can also be decorated using mostly white, which gives it a very casual feeling. It can also be decorated using darker colors such as dark browns or navy blues. Both these colors can be used for furniture and windows, although the darker shades will tend to clash more with the white area of the room. As you will notice there is less need for color in a Scandinavian interior design as there is less emphasis on the bright colors.

Bedrooms can be decorated with bookshelves of color that work with the main color of the room. This works extremely well in combination with white. The colors used here are lighter but less saturated than the curtains. Light green and red book shelves work well with both pale pastels and dark shades of yellow and black.

Bedrooms are generally less formal than the kitchens and are therefore usually smaller in size. They are also suitable for fitting additional furniture into. The most popular places to put these extra pieces are the wardrobes and the worktops. Therefore, a Kitchen and Bedroom with the same style of decorating is often referred to as a ‘Kitchen and Bedroom’.

As you can see there are many different rooms in a home that can be decorated with Scandinavian style. It is important to think about your budget and what you want to achieve from your decorating before you start to look at the different designs.