70 Blue and Orange Schemes in a Living Room

Whether you are remodeling your home or just need a change of scene, it is easy to find the perfect color combinations. Purple and blue are big favorites for many homeowners. This year, add something fun to your living room by decorating it with blue and orange tones. It is a great way to express yourself while making an instant impression on your guests.

The idea is to have orange and blue walls to contrast each other. If you are not sure about combining two colors, you can stick with a pure navy. This color is known for elegance and character. A pure navy might not be enough. You can find some darker hues in this hue that can provide the same effect.

Easy on the eyes, but attractive as well, are purple. While yellow and white are the most traditional hues, purple is a great way to expand your options. For example, a purple couch or a purple rug could go well with a more neutral purple room. On the other hand, a bright red sofa will stand out with a more traditional hue, but also with an even lighter or darker tone of purple.

If you want a similar look, you can take advantage of sea shells. This tropical hue is very eye-catching and easy to see. Some people think of this type of seashell as a decorative item and do not think of it as a part of the living room furniture and living room decor. However, these shells can give you a really interesting and striking look.

In addition to blue and orange, you can use brighter shades of blue. If you are going for a royal blue look, there are lots of blue and silver hues to choose from. The fact that there are several colors available makes them all the more appealing. Be aware that using too many colors in one space may spoil the ambiance.

Also, using too much blue in a space can make it feel more confined than if you made just a few simple blue walls. Your living room should have a look that flows, rather than being rigidly delineated. A great example is a front porch with a vast expanse of pale blue, almost like a painting, with dark wood accents.

You may also try using darker shades of blue in your living room. You can play with a blue wall and replace the light with a pale shade of blue. Or you can use a rich blue, which is popular for certain areas in a home.

When it comes to a style that blends well with your living room, there are few better options than a blue and orange theme. Combining these hues is easier than you might think. The only downside is that sometimes the right hues don’t work together so well. You may also be able to jazz up your existing living room decor without the need for dramatic changes.